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We're Getting Started

Mustafa and Mehmet Boyar stepped into the textile industry with a single embroidery machine in an apartment in the city. With this small company they named Nakosan, they became a pioneer in the field of embroidery in Denizli.


New Technology

They do not remain indifferent to the developing technology and add the latest system electronic machines to the old mechanical embroidery machines.



Production Continues

nakosan4 (1)

With the demands formed in the successful process, they add ready-made garments to their body and start product production.

We Become a Factory

The increased capacity with new investments required a larger area. Production continued at its new location with the embroidery track and garment band.




We Are Also In Print

It was time to invest in new technologies for their needs and they incorporated the digital printing machine into their production. They became one of the firsts in Turkey in the field of latest system pigment digital printing.

Keeps Growing

Nakosan sets up its towel and cloth weaving track with its complementary better service approach. With these investments, it sails to new international markets.




Aiming to increase its market share with the doors opened by exports, it became the only knitwear manufacturer in Denizli with its state-of-the-art knitwear machines.


Larger Area

The increased machine park and the employment created for production in different areas now required a larger factory building and production continues at full speed in its new 10.000m2 building in Bozburun.


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